Mountain hotel with year-round activities at the Ruka ski centre in Kuusamo

World Ski Awards 2014 - Best Ski Hotel in Finland - Best Ski Resort in Finland - Best Ski Hotel in FinlandThank you! World Ski Awards 2014 goes to Hotel Rantasipi Rukahovi and Ruka Ski Resort: Finland's best ski hotel and Finland's best ski resort for two consecutive years.

The Rantasipi Rukahovi  Hotel in the heart of the Ruka ski resort, has been one of the best-known and most respected ski hotels in Finland for decades, as well as the undisputed centre of night life at Ruka.

The Rantasipi Rukahovi has a wide variety of rooms. Cozy standard rooms are located in the original part of the hotel and spacious superior rooms in the hotel extension - a total of 180 rooms and 17 different-sized suites, with 553 beds in all. Rukahovi's row-house apartments are located near the lower station of the Kelorinne ski lift, about 300 metres from the hotel. There are 48 apartments, each for 3-6 occupants, with a total of 242 beds. Every apartment has its own sauna and kitchen.

More to do than time to do it in
A wealth of experiences await you in a unique natural setting every day of the year. In winter there are 28 ski slopes, 500 km of cross-country ski trails, adventure safaris and ice-fishing, in summer marked hiking routes, canoeing, white-water rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding, golf and fishing.

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Rantasipi Rukahovi
Rukankyläntie 15

Tel.  +358 8 85 910
Fax  +358 8 868 1135

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